Renewable Energy Services

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Renewable Asset Management Services

K-Konsult has built up a track record of providing effective and economic management services for owners and investors operating renewable assets in the UK. We offer a full services menu to meet the requirements which may range from company formation, board representation, operation & maintenance selection through to key holding, Health & Safety requirements and respective generation reporting and revenue processing.

Our package also includes the management and compliance for the generator with the regulatory relevant authority, as well as selection and negotiation with licensed suppliers for power purchase agreements. Site monitoring and security management are also covered within our package, all while complying to any land management or local community support initiatives.

K-Konsult will ensure that any commitment taken is done with the Owner's approval, with the Owner receiving 100% copy correspondence. We also provide a Monthly Summary Activity report to the Owner as part of our operations.

New Market Research & Acquisition Services

K-Konsult undertakes research assignments into renewable energy markets within Europe, Africa and the Middle East against a specific client brief. The brief is tailored to the client requirement and the research is carried out retaining the confidentiality of the client and its identity. Such research results would typically contain details of the regulatory regime and rewards together with listing of existing licensed projects and those under either application, planning and construction. Where the client has intent towards investment and acquisition in such market subject to satisfactory conditions being researched and agreed, K-Konsult will research details of specific projects that can be considered by the client.

Commitment to Environmental Awareness

With all of K-Konsult's services, we strive to maintain awareness of environmental concerns with regards to projects, to ensure assets are managed to local regulatory requirements as well as promoting and building relationships between clients and local groups.