solar power, hotel development, resort project development

The following companies assist K-Konsult in providing integrated asset management services in the East Anglian area

Investment & Development

REN Power Investments BV is a Netherlands based investor & developer with over 300 megawatts of solar photovoltaic and wind power currently installed across Europe - a significant contribution to the continent’s renewable energy supply targets with the ultimate aim of creating a pan-European green energy utility company.

Acquisition & Divestment

Milk the Sun Gmbh has been breathing new life into the renewable energy sector – with the launch of the world’s first open marketplace for all things solar energy. This was our bid to solve the central problem slowing development in PV investments: long and expensive sales processes with various go-betweens and the lack of transparency in project and service pricing. In the past four years, have matured into the world’s leading marketplace, offering full-service packages for investors and sellers both.

High Voltage Operation & Maintenance

East Solutions Ltd has been involved in the construction, operation and maintenance of Private High Voltage Networks. Networks that have been built have been at Windfarms, Solar Farms, Anaerobic Digestion Plants, Factories, MOD sites, Hospitals and Universities. The diverse portfolio of projects covered has enabled EAST to build up a deep knowledge base and to successfully establish itself as a leader in the High Voltage Engineering market.

Monitoring & Engineering

Thames Renewables Ltd is focused on providing best practise commercial, technical and environmental support services to photovoltaic solar farms.

Low Voltage Operation & Maintenance

Solarelec Ltd provides rapid response on-going low voltage maintenance, repair and component replacement services to East Anglian based solar farms.

Security Systems

SSY Group Ltd Security Solutions offers the very best cost-effective solutions with the latest technology for security for East Anglian based solar farms from their Norwich security centre.